Revit API introduction webcast

Note to self: Jeremy Tammik posted a webcast on the Revit API:

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Rarities: another CAD .NET blog

I found another blog (partially) focused on .NET in AutoCAD. I didn’t know that there existed one next to Through The Interface…

So, here it is:

And he might just have brought me a solution to a problem I’ve been facing today: He mentiones that when using Database.ReadDwgFile, you ALWAYS need to dispose that.

I’ve been struggling with random AccessViolationException error’s when trying to set Block Properties. This might solve it… Let’s hope so.

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Disable and restore Code Analysis for all projects in a solution

Code Analysis is a Visual Studio tool that can analyze your code and warn you about bad practices and plain bad code.

It can be a very handy tool that can lift your code to a higher level and allows you to simply create better and more maintainable applications.

However, having code analysis enabled, severely slows down your build. Changing a little thing in code causes Code Analysis to run on the next build, which can be plain annoying.

For these reasons I have created a little Visual Studio Add In, which can disable Code Analysis on all projects in the currently opened solution, and can restore the initial settings.

The project home is:

You can download the source  here:

Or you can check out the source with SVN: svn checkout

I am not familiar with administering Open Source so I just picked the GNU GPL v3 licence. If anyone has any considerations towards the licence, please let me know.

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